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Foreign Currency Account

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 Foreign Currency Account

One Passbook Involving Multi-Currency Current /Time Deposit Accounts

Account Features

  1. One passbook involves the various foreign currency deposit.
  2. One passbook recording the account balance and details of transactions in original foreign currency.
  3. Several options to credit to accounts: e.g. credit to account by inward remittance abroad or by money exchange.
  4. One passbook containing current & time deposit accounts. Certificate of deposit is not required (at your choice) for easier record keeping.
  5. Time deposit account is automatically renewed upon maturity for your convenience.

Applying procedures

Foreign individual applies in person to our foreign exchange branches with the Alien Resident Certificate and a second identity document, or alternatively with a legal entry permit or foreign passport with a valid entry stamp and taxpayer ID.

Minimum Amount Bearing Interest for Current Account

Minimum Amount Bearing Interest for Current Account
Currency Minimum Amount Currency Minimum Amount
USD 100 NZD 100
AUD 100 HKD 100
CAD 100 SEK 1,000
GBP 100 ZAR 1,000
SGD 100 THB 1,000
CHF 100 JPY 10,000
EUR 100    

Minimum Amount Bearing Interest for Time Deposit Account

USD 1,000 for USD account and the equivalent of USD 1,000 for all other currency accounts.